Shelf Life Studies

Shelf life studies measure the performance of a product over time. The information generated during a shelf life study can help a client determine an expiration or best by date. Each shelf life study is custom tailored and independently derived based on the product’s ingredients, cooking processes (if appropriate), preservatives, and other inputs and factors. The experts at TEQ will sit down with you and gather specific information about your product and processing procedure and your relative goals for the product to custom tailor an appropriate shelf life study that meets your product’s risk profile.

If the shelf life study underperforms the expectations we outlined during the shelf life study, we notify you, and let you decide if you want to continue forward with the study or not. Shelf life studies are not just for microbiological organisms, TEQ Analytical Laboratories can also provide you with shelf life studies to monitor the long term stability of cannabinoids and terpenes in your product.