Residual Solvent Analysis

Residual Solvent analysis is required by the State of Colorado for the following compounds at the adjacent corresponding levels. Residual solvents are used during the extraction of cannabinoids from plant materials. The extractions are then used to make other products like vape pen oils, oils used in edibles, and a large number of other applications. The State of Colorado requires that companies test their extractions to ensure they are not leaving behind any hazardous or volatile compounds that could cause harm to the consumer.

Residual Solvent Screen

  • Butanes < 800 Parts Per Million (PPM)
  • Heptanes < 500 Parts Per Million (PPM)
  • Benzene** < 1 Parts Per Million (PPM)
  • Toluene** < 1 Parts Per Million (PPM)
  • Hexane** < 10 Parts Per Million (PPM)
  • Total Xylenes (m, p, o-xylenes)** < 1 Parts Per Million (PPM)

Any solvent not permitted for use pursuant to Rule R 605. None Detected

** Note: These solvents are not approved for use. Due to their possible presence in the solvents approved for use per Rule R 605, limits have been listed here accordingly.