Pesticide Analysis

TEQ Analytical Laboratories is currently not offering Pesticide Testing. At this point in time there are three proposed generally accepted levels for pesticides analysis;

1. Levels disclosed by State of Oregon.
2. Levels required by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.
3. A zero tolerance policy required by the Governor of Colorado.

Labs currently do not have enough information to know the testing levels at the Colorado Department of Agriculture and we suspect that the testing Levels disclosed by the state of Oregon, are higher than the CDA levels. Therefore if TEQ were to accept your product and offer you testing at the Oregon levels, there is no guarantee that you will pass the CDA analysis and may still risk enforcement action. Additionally all positive results regardless of concentration must be reported to the Marijuana Enforcement Division and are subject to quarantine. Therefore we cannot in good confidence offer pesticide testing.

If you have questions regarding pesticide testing, please contact us at: